The Gladden Fields - Project

Monday, 29. October 2012

Update on the Gladden Fields

Finished another section a couple of weeks ago, but was to busy to write about it.
But here it is!
Number four. Only two more to go. (and maybee a couple of butterflies and suchlike thereafter ... )


What do you think? Looks great, doesn’t it?

Panel 4 in detail:


I like how I managed to squeeze the whole panel into the remaining bathroom-space and it still looks ok.

Tuesday, 7. August 2012

Number 3

I finished the next part:


Here is a picture of all three panels:


I really planed to flip panel Nr. two horizontally, but the panel decided against it. I still think it a pretty idea and I will certainly come back to it. You may have noticed the little flipping part I put in number three ...

Monday, 23. July 2012

The next part

I finished the second unit:


As you can see it was a bit of a jigsaw puzzle combining it all with the armature.
But can you see the seams of the jigsaw crane?

Here is another picture. This time you can see some of the adjoining unit.


I think I’m going to like it.

Wednesday, 11. July 2012

This ...

... is windowcolor crane Number 2:


And this is windowcolor crane Number 3:


Believe it or not: I’m frustrated!

My next approach will be "pieces of crane"


Saturday, 7. July 2012

The Gladden Fields - Project - First Part Finished

I recently finished the first unit of the bathroom decorations.

The transparent stuff worked pretty well. It gave me a better grasp at the whole piece, which behaved well and didn’t tried any funny things.
Also I used more paint, so the pieces were thicker and didn’t went out of shape that much.

So for now it looks like this:


The colour of the flowers are actually more lilac, but the rest of the colours is pretty godd.

I’m thinking about flipping the next unit vertically. Like it’s mirrored ... There would be two units of reeds next to each other ... what do you think?

Thursday, 28. June 2012

The Gladden Fields - Project

I’m happy to declare my decision on the naming of the bathroom project.

I’m calling it The Gladden Fields Project

Hands up everyone who saw it comming!

I had a lot of reservation to choose that particular name, and I’m affraid that I there will be an increase of juwelry sock losing, but I just had to!

Also I want to share a picture with you
It’s about a crane becomming ... well a crane.


I’m really hoping this transparent spacing stuff will help. I would hate to do this bird more often than necessary.

Wednesday, 27. June 2012

Dear BeRúThiel ...

... I actually considered taking out the window, placing it over the painted sketch and do the thing as one piece.

I’m glad I didn’t. I created about seven or eight "Puzzleteile" (and the leaves) and combined them on the window.

Retrospectively I’m glad I didn’t do the whole-window-version. It couldn’t but end in a mess.

Tuesday, 26. June 2012

Update on the bathroom project

Windowcolor is a bitch!

I remember now why I did not do more projects with that stuff.
It takes a lot of time. You do the outline, you let it dry for some hours, you fill the spaces, you let it dry for some hours, you correct some details, you let it ...
Also the finally finished pieces are awfully sticky and tensile, they tend to warp if you just look at them in the wrong way! Once they started to stick together there is almost no way to seperate them again AND retain a basic idea of the original shape.

This stuff is supposed to be for children!
How do they manage to do this little pictures you can see everywere?

Anyway ... I’ve done a test piece which will be lodging in our tub for a couple of weeks to see if it likes it there. (I’ve read that some sorts of windowcolor tend to liquidate in moist environments, ... so test piece)

This is how it looks like


You can see that there is only one flower left. Two didn’t survive.

I’m going to buy some of this transparent space filler stuff, maybe it will help ...

Any ideas concerning a name for the project?

Friday, 15. June 2012

The Yet To Be Named Bathroom Project

So I have this bathroom.
It’s an ordinary bathroom, with a basin, toilet, bath tub and light blue tiles.

I’m not much of a blue person, but they are OK.
And they crave to be decorated.

So I thought about doing some kind of underwater, deep sea, landscape thingy with lots of fancy fishes, jellyfish and algae ...

I’d like to use windowcolor again, because it is removable and as I’m living in a rented flat I’m not allowed to make permanent alterations, even if they are really, really gorgeous.
That’s Swabia for you.

Naturally I’d like to do art noveau style again.
Also I’d thought about doing it a bit more like a repeating pattern. One piece over and over again. With small alterations of course. There should be some tiled feeling about the whole thing. (I’m talking about the area around the bathtub, not the window - in case you’re wondering)

So, here is my first sketch for a unit of underwater landscape:



No, it’s not a "Themaverfehlung", it’s just the way my brain works.
It’s not ab big step from underwater to marshy landscape - at least it’s not a space station. (I’m watching DS9 at the moment ... )

I’ve got my models from two books.

First the crane.


This one I have also in my PC. The manipulated, gray version looks like this.


I’m planing on doing pieces with both variations. I just like them all very much and can’t decide which one to take. So I’ll rotate.

And here’s a first picture of a blue iris:


What do you think!?!

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